"I love teaching. I love creating a space for people to look within and feel the connection of breath, movement and moments of stillness. I love sharing what I’ve learned in the 25 years of teaching with others who have chosen this inspirational path."

A letter to my (future) yoga students

I am Desiree Boogaard Seaver, welcome!

I started self practicing yoga in 1995 and I’ve been a yoga teacher since 2001 and I love it! But above all, I truly love my students. The friendships and relationships I’ve created over the years are treasures to me.

So, most of all, thank you. Thank you for all the years of rolling your mat out with me and trusting me to help you on your yoga journey. It makes my heart swell when I watch you grow in so many ways ~ physically and mentally. It is so beautiful to watch! Just remember, it is YOU who created this beauty.


Love Desiree x

Yoga Study/Training/Certifications

In chronologische volgorde gevolgde studies:

  • Kripalu Hatha/Restorative Yoga Stockbridge, Massachusetts
  • Ashtanga Yoga with David Swenson – Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Power Yoga with Beryl Bender Birch, Puerto Rico
  • Prenatal –Kirti Yoga Willemstad, Curacao
  • Kundalini Certification
  • Healing Touch - Level 1
  • Various Hatha and Yin yoga teacher training workshops in Curacao, Australia, America and the Netherlands
  • Energetic Alignment training with Janet Stone
  • Yoga training Vanda Scaravelli style with Rossella Baroncini Italy
  • Reiki Level 1
  • Reiki Level 2
  • Arterre Opleiding Holistic Kinder Yoga
  • Arterre Opleiding Therapeutic Kinder Yoga
  • Yoga for Scoliosis
  • Hot Stone Restorative Yoga
  • Yoga for people with Special Needs

"A wealth you cannot imagine flows through you. 

Do not consider what strangers say.
Be secluded 
in your secret heart-house, that bowl of silence, 

that bowl of knowing."

- Rumi


What Meade, a fellow yoga instructor and fellow artist says about Desiree:

Desiree  has a deep passion for yoga and everything that has to do with healing the Self.

She has studied numerous forms of yoga with various teachers around the world. Their teachings has led her to combine the richness of each of these styles and incorporate them into full Breath/Mind/Body sessions for her students.  She has been practicing yoga since 1995 and started teaching yoga since 2001.

Desiree adapts her practice to accommodate the needs of her students to ensure that they feel safe & comfortable.  She encourages students to listen to their breath first than to allow the breath to move into the body with awareness. This way the students gain a practice that supports them through life and find the flow that works best for them.  Through her sessions, students learn the joy of yoga and the inner stillness it can bring.

Desiree believes, “Yoga is a practice of self-love in every moment. Challenge yourself… make modifications if needed, but make sure you look after yourself… and no matter what, stay connected with the breath.”

Her passion for yoga and sharing it with her students can be evidenced in the way in which she has pulled the best from each form of yoga to deliver a practice unique to Desiree and her students. She has a gift for creating a positive energy that creates the stillness and state of rest for deep meditation. Furthermore, Desiree continually assists students to ensure they have correct form, and reminds them to listen to their bodies and adapt for their own optimal practice.

On a personal note….

Desiree is a true citizen of the world.  She grew up in Australia, France, and the Netherlands, and as an adult has settled in Algeria and Bonaire, before returning to Holland. She has travelled extensively through North & South Africa, America, and various islands in the Caribbean and Europe.

Desiree has been in the Netherlands since 2016 with her family.

When not teaching Desiree loves spending time creating art, reading, studying, long walks with her dogs, and admiring nature’s shapes, forms and colors.


- Meade Lowance

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